About the Books

Leading Beyond The Pulpit

Leading Beyond the Pulpit: Effective Ways of Leadership in the Twenty-First Century Church is about the pastors’ call and their leaders who need to stand with their pastor, despite the many storms and situations presented to them today. Pastors need dedicated leaders to stand behind them because of the stress that comes with ministry. There may be many pastors and leaders who answer the call of God but do not know the cost behind it. With this in mind, ministry becomes a burden to carry instead of embracing the love of it.

In Jeremiah 3:15, it states, “Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.” If God is rising up pastors who have His heart, then why are the leaders not duplicating their pastors? Some leaders today do not have the heart or the anointing of their pastor, and this may be due to a lack of kingdom mindedness. Leading Beyond the Pulpit is a book that will teach you how to lead by example with the Word of God. We can move forward by teaching, educating, and examining ourselves by applying biblical truths to our lives.

I have learned in ministry that it takes the whole body of Christ to become involved in ministry so God can be glorified. The effectiveness of the church is knowing and understanding your own position and what God has called you to do in your church. By applying what you have learned it will give you greater knowledge about your ministry and how to stand when situations arises. As you explore this book, you will find out how to become a good leader in the twenty-first century church.

Nothing But the Father’s Love

Have you ever felt like there is something missing in your life?
Do you need encouragement and want to feel inspired?

Nothing but the Father’s Love is a book of healing for your soul, spirit, and mind. This book consists of poems and stories that deal with brokenness, hurt, pain, disappointments, and root problems that we all experience every day. These stories and poems were inspired through the Holy Spirit of God. Minister Sonya Privette-James will comfort you through your brokenness and will reveal that you can be healed and whole again. I personally know for a fact that God can change anyone and everyone if you want to change. There are so many brokenhearted people in the world and some want to change but don’t know how to change, but with the direction and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there will be a miracle waiting just for you. Walk in your healing, walk in your deliverance, and be set free in Jesus name.

My Father, My Love, My Lord

Worship, praise, adoration, inspiration, and illumination of what God is saying to you. You will begin to go beyond the veil into the Holy of Holies in worship. When you experience his presence you can then tap into his glory. The heart of God is having a relationship which he desires from you. My Father, My Love, My Lord will inspire you in your everyday journey. Sonya Privette-James shows you how to worship in spirit and in truth, so tap into what he has to express to you through this expression of poetry. By reading this daring book your life will be changed.

The Need for Evangelism in a Dying World

In today’s world people are lost and dying, and we as the body of Christ are to bring the message about Jesus Christ to them.

You will learn what evangelism is, what conversion means, how many types of evangelism there are, the purpose of an evangelist, the great commission, how to use the salvation plan, what the fruit of the spirit is, what the qualities of a good character are, what it takes to operate with faith, how to distribute tracts, the importance for the church to evangelize in the streets, and what is happening in the last days. This book is essential for an individual, church, or ministry. Jesus came to evangelize to the lost. Are you doing the same?

The New Members’ Handbook for the Christian Believer

The New Member’s Handbook for the Christian Believer is to teach new Christians about the beginning stages of spiritual growth and development as a new believer. There has to be a continuing learning process of the Word of God.

You will begin to learn:

What is the Bible, Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, The Lord’s Supper, Tithes and Offering, Spiritual Gifts, Prayer, and the Purpose of the Church? As a disciple of Jesus Christ we have to show ourselves approved unto God and stay in constant fellowship with Him so we can live our lives with purpose.